29 August 2008

This Week In Numbers

5.7 percent of the world's oil is produced by the U.S. and 23% of it is consumed by us

13-15 US industries have lost the trust of American consumers

18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are thanks to the livestock industry (that's more than emissions from transportation!)

40 dollars for a BOTTLE OF WATER???

50 percent of food produced worldwide is wasted

60 percent more greenhouse gases are trapped in permafrost than previously thought

80 percent of sunscreens don't work?!?

20,000 square feet is the new Wall of China: world's largest solar powered LED display screen

4 billion dollars is what Japan will spend next year to reduce carbon emissions

28 August 2008

Just Released:. 2008 Conference Updates

First round of keynote speakers announced:
  • John F. Brock, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc., and Carter Roberts, President and Chief Executive Officer of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), will discuss the power of partnerships in corporate responsibility and sustainability
  • Matt Kistler, Senior Vice President of Sustainability at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. will discuss Wal-Mart’s approach to sustainability
  • Other featured speakers include John Perkins, Author of Confessions of an Economic Hitmanand The Secret History of the American Empire, and Tamsin Smith, President of Product (RED)

...and Career Expo Exhibitors:
Acciona Energy
America's Credit Unions
CDS International, Inc. 
Commongood Careers
Credit Suisse 
Doctors Without Borders
Education Pioneers
EF Education
FINCA International
Honest Tea
General Electric         
Kaplan Higher Education     

There's still time to receive $50 off registration, if you register by October 3, 2008. Also, submissions for a Graziadio School sponsored scholarship are due to Career Services tomorrow, August 29th!

26 August 2008

You know what they say about a guy with a large carbon footprint...

We've all heard about reducing our carbon footprint, but where do we begin? Take this quiz to see how many worlds of resources we would need if we all lived like you. It probably won't be a pretty sight (at least it wasn't for me), but based on your answers, you'll see where you should look to make lifestyle chances that will have the biggest (or would it be the smallest?) impact on your impact. 

After you're nice and guilty, take a look at this new service BookSwim. It's basically Netflix for books (can you imagine if our textbooks were available through this site!).  Not sure that it will help with cutting your footprint with all the shipping, but it will keep some money in your pocket so you can buy those locally grown tomatoes next time... and speaking of locally grown, if you live in Santa Monica, check out Cooportunity  (16th & Broadway)- the only cooperative natural grocer in LA Metro - and then report back, I'd love to hear about your shopping experience.

22 August 2008

This Week in Numbers

.10-.20 cent per gallon losses for US distillers of Ethanol

10 million dollars is the amount Google has committed to investing in advancing geothermal power

40 percent of petroleum-based polyol can now be replaced by soy-based polyol, thanks to research done by Ford Motor Company

50 percent of US companies implementing green initiatives, but employees remain cynical

64 percent of decision makers say having a green image is good for business

10,000 miles to ship waste to be recycled is still better than tossing it in the landfill

26,000 is the number of years of clean energy Australia can produce from its underlying hot rocks using geothermal technology

21 August 2008

Issues In Depth Call :. August 22, 2008

Adventure Dream Jobs

With Christina Heyniger , and Lisa Alley of Xola Consulting

Friday, August 22, 9-10am PDT/ 12-1pm EDT / 4-5pm GMT

Register Here

Talents. Passions. Values. Is it possible to combine all three into just one job that will actually pay your rent? Xola Consulting, Inc. founder Christina Heyniger and project consultant Lisa Alley are doing it!

Featured in the May, 2008 Outside magazine "50 Best Jobs" issue, Xola provides consulting services to individual adventure tour company operators, tourism boards, and governments interested in adventure tourism development for the benefit of rural communities and the environment. Xola also specializes in supporting private sector organizations seeking to link adventure tourism and volunteer service travel with ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The Xola team will lead an In-Depth Call to further share how they created their adventure dream jobs and provide insights on how Net Impact members can do the same. Christina and Lisa have extensive experience in emerging markets around the world including Central and South America, North Africa and Southeast Asia, particularly China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, India and Nepal. Recently returned from completing a development project in Northeast India, participants will also have the chance to learn about opportunities in the rapidly growing marketplace of adventure travel and how it is driving sustainable economic growth in developing countries.

For more information visit Xola Consulting and Off the Radar.

17 August 2008

Register Now to JOIN THE REVOLUTION Hosted by the Pepperdine School of Law

FREE admission for Pepperdine students!

Revolution Through Social Enterprise is taking place on Friday, September 12 at the Graziadio Executive Center. This is such an amazing event with a fantastic line-up of speakers who will explore how WE can alleviate proverty, implement solutions to environmental problems, and earn a financial return on our investments while benefiting the global community.

Here's the line-up of speakers (click on their names to read their bios):

Alex Counts President and CEO, Grameen Foundation Author of Small Loans, Big Dreams (Book signing during conference)

Jonathan Greenblatt CEO, GOOD MagazineCofounder of Ethos Water

Matt Flannery Cofounder and CEO, KIVA

Jim Emerman Vice President and Director, Purpose Prizeand Encore Leadership, Civic Ventures

John Picard Sustainability Consultant

Sam Labudde Biologist

Don't miss out on this great event happening on our campus. It can't get any easier than that! Register soon to reserve your seat; I can't imagine this event won't sellout quickly. 

11 August 2008

Find your internship tomorrow night!

There is a great networking event tomorrow night (Tuesday) at the Ambrose Hotel in Santa Monica.  Come out and make some great contacts with local business owners and entrepreneurs. This is definitely a great opportunity to start your internship search!

There is a group of us going, and if you'd like to join us, click on the link under "upcoming events" on the sidebar for more details, then send me an email so we can keep an ear out for you (lisa.warnock@pepperdine.edu). BTW, it's $10 and there's free wine. 


08 August 2008

Options for when your class schedule conflicts with the Conference

We just received a great question about how to handle a scheduling conflict between classes and the conference. I wanted to post the question/answer here for those who might not check the comments section on the last post.

Here's the question:

Here's my answer:

*disclaimer: I do not endorse skipping classes and neither does Net Impact. I merely wanted to share all possible options.   :)

05 August 2008

The List

It's been hard to keep up with all the CSR announcements made by some big name companies over the past couple of weeks.  It's really quite exciting! Check out The List:
  1. Coca-Cola sets goals for water stewardship, sustainable packaging & emissions reduction
  2. IBM announces new consulting service to help clients become more green & ethical
  3. Wells-Fargo, GM and Office Depot are all taking initiatives to adopt LEED standards for new construction
  4. Bank of America invests in new technology to cut energy costs & 14,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually
  5. Bert's Bees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the US by 35% by 2011
  6. Wine Co converts 80% of packaging from styrofoam to fiberboard & set goals to cut shipping emissions by 90%