26 August 2008

You know what they say about a guy with a large carbon footprint...

We've all heard about reducing our carbon footprint, but where do we begin? Take this quiz to see how many worlds of resources we would need if we all lived like you. It probably won't be a pretty sight (at least it wasn't for me), but based on your answers, you'll see where you should look to make lifestyle chances that will have the biggest (or would it be the smallest?) impact on your impact. 

After you're nice and guilty, take a look at this new service BookSwim. It's basically Netflix for books (can you imagine if our textbooks were available through this site!).  Not sure that it will help with cutting your footprint with all the shipping, but it will keep some money in your pocket so you can buy those locally grown tomatoes next time... and speaking of locally grown, if you live in Santa Monica, check out Cooportunity  (16th & Broadway)- the only cooperative natural grocer in LA Metro - and then report back, I'd love to hear about your shopping experience.

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