24 October 2008

This Week in Numbers: The Company Report

Baxter - to donate $5 million to Chicago Public Schools

Dell - renewable energy purchase up 870% since 2004 and latest desktops are 80% more energy efficient

GE cuts energy use by 29% by switching out lights in a 1950s warehouse

GE Ecomagination - revenue to hit $17 billion in 2008

Nestle Waters - published first Corporate Citizenship Report - one goal announced is to develop a "next generation bottle" made of 100% recycled materials or renewable resources by 2020

Morgan Stanley - plans to build off-grid datacenter powered by tidal energy

Patagonia - new campaign "Vote the Environment" rocks!

Sears, Target, OfficeMax, General Mills, P&G - increasing cause marketing efforts despite current economic crisis

Wal-Mart- outlines goals for socially responsible global supply chain in China

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alexis said...

It's good to see that companies' cause-marketing efforts are also being recognized in mainstream business news. Check out the article on P&G from Friday's WSJ: