21 July 2008

The Never Greens

So we all know that not everyone has jumped on the green bandwagon. In fact, according to findings released by the Pew Research Center, only 47% of Americans believe global warming is a result of human activity.  

The Green Rush's harshest critics have gotten the attention of some big companies and market researchers who have now created a new buzzword, The Never Greens

According to Mintel, and as reported in the recent issue of BrandWeek,  10% of Americans are part of this new group of consumers who not only distrust green products and initiatives, but find them downright irritating. 

This of course will mean different things to different companies, depending on what you're selling and to whom. Take a look at the article (or sign on to Mintel for the actual report!) and see who these Never Greens are and what they're saying.


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