18 July 2008

New Findings on Green Tech Spending in the US (1 point for the ladies)

Market research firm HANSA/GCR released findings from their first Green TECHpulse survey which examined green tech spending in US companies.

There were some interesting finding including one showing female decision makers are more environmentally-conscious than males.

Another interesting finding showed that decision makers placed more importance on direct and active actions as opposed to indirect, passive ones:

It'll be interesting to see how these finding, and the others, compare to next year's numbers. I have a feeling we'll see a jump in that 39% ranking for "Education public on limiting environmental impact from product/services." With growing individual interest in reducing personal and household footprints, I think we'll see a greater push for companies to offer complete product life cycle solutions such as recycling and donation programs. 

Check out the rest of their findings here and let us know where you think we'll see big changes in the coming year.


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